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MEM III alpha is currently down and development is on hold. It will resume, when I cannot say.

What is Middle Earth Mud?

Middle Earth Mud (MEM) is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) based on Tolkien's Middle Earth. It is a text world in which players can create a character and enjoy a realistic and accurate simulation of Middle Earth. It is set after Bilbo has returned from Erebor (after the events of The Hobbit) and before he leaves the Shire after his party (before the events of The Lord of the Rings). It is completely free to play. It was built by Tolkien fans for Tolkien fans.

Middle Earth Mud's focuses are accuracy to Tolkien's works on Middle Earth (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion) and general realism. The idea is that a realistic and accurate to Tolkien Middle Earth will provide an excellent environment for roleplay as well as for intense action, both PvP and otherwise.

Currently MEM is centered around Bree and Breeland. Players may choose to play a Dunadan man, Eriadorian man, Black Numenorean, Dunlending, Dwarf or Hobbit. Black Numenoreans and Dunlendings are in league with Mordor. War is brewing between those who follow Sauron and the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. There are currently seventeen zones open with about 1800 rooms. We have a virtually non-existant player base right now, most likely due to the small world size. We are trying to get started building one. Players have the chance right now to get ahead of the game and form the foundation of our player base. All players are welcome.

MEM is not just a hack and slash MUD. Should players choose they may learn a craft and aquire a building in Bree to be their shop. Warriors, rangers and thieves may also aquire buildings to be their homes or to be used for whatever they like. Crafts include everything from cooking to weapon forging to armor crafting to ore smelting and back again.

We are still under heavy construction, with code changes coming several times a week. We are hiring devoted and dedicated builders who know and love Tolkien and who will finish what they start. Our world is relatively small right now and is growing slowly, but steadily. We currently have a small core force of builders, but we are looking to expand it.

Why can't I do anything in game right now?

The version of Middle Earth Mud currently playable is an early alpha of Middle Earth Mud III. This is also the reason the game is severely lacking in functionality at the moment. It is currently in alpha4. This alpha includes movement, an improved account system, the beginnings of an improved character creation system and the skeleton of an updated shape system. In addition to this apparent improvements, there are a great number of not so apparent, under the hood improvements in the form of an engine that has been completely rewritten in C++ and using object oriented design paradigms.

Currently planned for alpha5 is the return of the shaping system - allowing builders to return to work. For alpha6 the return of mobiles is planned - minus scripting an AI programming. For alpha7 the return of objects and crafting is planned. Along with the shape systems for each of these. Alpha8 will include scripting and AI programming. Alpha9 will include advanced functionality for all of the previously mentioned features. At which point we will enter beta.

What is Muddy Reality?

Muddy Reality is the new MUD engine that underlies Middle Earth Mud III. It is written in C++ and employs modern object oriented design paradigms. Once Middle Earth Mud III has completely beta testing and is released it will be stripped of Middle Earth specific code and released as Muddy Reality.

Recent News

Extended Down Time Posted by Manwe on Sunday 24th of May 2009 06:45:37 PM

Sorry for the extended down time folks. I have now graduated from college and moved into an apartment in upstate New York. I have a job as a software engineer at GE Energy. The down time was due to the move and trying to get established in the new apartment. It took us a few days to get the power turned on and then the cable. We're now established and we're back. Not much progress has been made during the last two months except on school work. Now however, my weekends are my own and so progress should hopefully begin again - slow but steady.

And we're back! Posted by Manwe on Tuesday 10th of February 2009 12:57:09 PM

Middle Earth Mud alpha4 is now online for your testing and perusal. It's pretty limitted in terms of what you can do. But the movement system is there and ready for testing. The account system is up, not quite in it's final form but close. And character creation is nearing final form (though the races haven't had their stats tweaked so the stats it generates are pretty funcky). I've done as thorough a bug testing as is possible for a lone coder, but there are undoubtably bugs that have escaped me, so let me know when you find them. To get to the game from the halls of mandos you need only type "rebirth". Enjoy! PS. I have to go, but a quick movement system tutorial: Face a direction (either with east, north, south, west or with the 'face' command followed by east, north, south, west or a degree heading from 0 - 360). Enter a speed: amble, walk, march, jog, run, sprint. You will move in that direction until you change direction (in which case you will keep moving in the new direction at the same speed), change speed, enter a stop command (stand, rest, sleep), or run into a wall (in which case you'll just stop). While moving you can look around, check your info, stats, score, etc. There are some things you can't do while moving, I leave it to trial and error to discern what can and cannot be done while moving. As always 'commands' will show you the available commands. The shaping system is not yet functional so you'll have to wait on that.

The Server Travels Posted by Manwe on Tuesday 02nd of December 2008 03:43:24 PM

The server's on the move again. I got tired of not having any access to it, so even though having it here at school with me is inconvenient in other ways I decided to bring it back with me from Thanksgiving Break. It is once again living in my apartment at Skidmore College. The upshot to this is that there ought to be less down time in the future and I can more easily work on it and perform maintenance. It should also be faster. The down side is that it is once again subject to the random requirements of Skidmore College's Residential Life. Such requirements as everything in the apartment must be unplugged over breaks -- don't worry, as always I will find a way around this.

Flooding and Downtime Posted by Manwe on Tuesday 17th of June 2008 12:48:34 PM

There was an extended downtime due to flooding in Indiana where the server's based. The basement where the server is stored had a foot and a half of water in it. So a friend of mine went down there and unplugged everything. Once the flooding subsided and things got cleaned up the server was plugged back in and every thing is fine and still here.

Rebuild 2-28-08: Movement System Cleanup Posted by Manwe on Thursday 28th of February 2008 09:32:20 PM

The movement bugs have been fixed and the movement system has been substantially streamlined and cleaned up. New commands: Use the directional commands or the 'face' command to change the way in which you are facing. Then use the speed commands -- amble, walk, march, jog, run, and sprint -- to begin moving in that direction. To stop moving again use stand or rest. While moving you may do almost anything that you could do while standing, such as look around. This is still not the final form of the movement system. It will be polished and expanded considerably more. Also, the alpha server has been moved from port 4500 to port 4000.

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